Trustcrow Unveils Escrow Platform for Seamless Real Estate Payment Transactions

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In Nigeria, real estate transactions demand trust at every step, whether buying a home, renting an apartment or office space, finalising a property deal, or selling land, the need for a reliable, trustworthy and secure payment process is paramount. However, Nigeria’s property history is filled with tragic experiences. Buyers who pay for properties and never receive the property nor the title. Renters who pay rent and are never given keys to the property. Brokers who close transactions and never receive their due fee. Sellers who waste time with prospects who never buy.

Digital Escrow Service in Nigeria for Real Estate

At Trustcrow, we listened to your experiences and built a solution to your property problems. Our innovative escrow product caters specifically to the needs of 1) real estate buyers and renters to eliminate payment fraud, 2) sellers and landlords to eliminate time wasters and 3) brokers to eliminate non-payment of fees. Our mission is clear: protect your interests by facilitating clear, transparent real estate transactions. 

In a strategic move to provide customer comfort, we partnered with the CardinalStone Group, Nigeria’s leading asset management company. This partnership reinforces our commitment to safe custodianship of customer funds and providing top-tier online escrow services. 

Love At First Site Campaign

To celebrate this bold step, we’re introducing a special promotion for the month of February. Every use of Trustcrow’s escrow platform —whether buying or renting—gives you the chance to be reimbursed for the sale or rental amount, worth up to 100 million Naira! —a thrilling opportunity for those with pending real estate transactions.

Are you considering renting or buying a property?  We encourage you to seize the opportunity and visit to sign up and unlock the advantages of online escrow for your real estate transactions.  Whether you’re a renter, buyer, seller, landlord, or broker, we are dedicated to providing you with a reliable and efficient platform for all your property needs. Don’t miss out—experience the difference with Trustcrow today!

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